Why using magnesium supplements in the first place you may wonder? Take notice of the fact that magnesium deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in all adults. About 80% of us consume far too little of this necessary, anti-inflammatory mineral – to our great detriment. (Ware, 2016)

Let's face it. Eating a healthy diet simply doesn't provide sufficient vitamins and minerals anymore. Every natural health professional can acknowledge this without a doubt.

FACT: Half of the older people in the developed world are magnesium deficient. Don’t be one of them! Start supplementing magnesium TODAY! Did you knew magnesium is also a key element for healthy and strong bones, better sleep improved memory and less stress?

Ongoing soil erosion has significantly depleted the mineral content of our soil within the last century. Consequently, many fruits and vegetables that were once rich in magnesium no longer contain it in adequate amounts, resulting in widespread deficiencies. Thus, it's now wonder so many people are facing the consequences of magnesium deficiency

Adding a good form of magnesium to your diet is one the smartest things you could do. Magnesium is considered to be the 'master mineral' involved in hundreds of important processes within your body.

There are lot's of brands and types of magnesium supplements available through all the online health stores. You could easily find over 10 types of magnesium. We did all the work for you and selected the right types so you can skip the bad ones that won't be absorbed properly by your body.

The best and worst forms of magnesium supplements.

Ok, let’s start with the worst forms of magnesium first so you can skip them right away.

Gluatamate and aspartate magnesium -- these two contain components of the controversial artificial sweetener aspartame. Both of them become neurotoxic when not combined to other amino acids. Check all your supplements if they contain any of these and trow them away!

Magnesium oxide -- As one of the most common form of magnesium supplements sold in drugstores, magnesium oxide is non-chelated and possesses a poor absorption rate compared to those listed below.

Magnesium sulfate -- However this is a fantastic constipation aid, it is an unsafe source of dietary magnesium, because overdosing on it is easy. This form is also know as epsom salt.

The best forms are:

Glycinate magnesium -- As one of the most bioavailable and absorbable forms of magnesium, and also the least likely to induce diarrhea, Magnesium glycinate (this form is bound with glycine, a non-essential amino acid). It is the safest option for correcting a long-term deficiency.

Threonate magnesium -- Most commercially available magnesium supplements are not readily absorbed into the nervous system. To overcome this obstacle, you can supplement with an innovative form of magnesium called Neuro-Mag, shown to specifically target the aging brain and nervous system.

In pre-clinical models, L-threonate contained in Neuro-Mag boosted magnesium levels in spinal fluid by an impressive 15% compared to no increase with conventional magnesium. Even more compelling, animal models revealed improvements of 18% for short-term memory and 100% for long-term memory using the Neuro-Mag form of magnesium.

The suggested daily dose of three Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate capsules provides 2,000 mg of magnesium L-threonate. While this supplies a modest 144 mg of elemental magnesium, its superior absorption into the bloodstream and nervous system make it a preferred supplemental choice. (TIP: See this L-Threonate magnesium supplement further below on this page from Life Extension.)

Malate magnesium -- If you suffer form fatique, magnesium malate is your best choice, since malic acid -- a natural fruit acid present in most cells in the body -- is a vital component of enzymes that play a key role in ATP synthesis and energy production. Magnesium malate is also highly soluble easily broken and absorbed by the body.

Carbonate magnesium-- This is a great choice if you suffer from acid reflux and indigestion because it contains antacid properties. It’s a popular form of magnesium.

Citrate magnesium-- The most popular magnesium supplement is the one with citrate magnesium, most likely because it is easily absorbed and inexpensive. It is not really suitable if you have loose bowel movements, but on the other hand is it an excellent choice if you have have colon or rectal problems. It functions as a constipation aid and a proper magnesium source as well.

Top brands like Thorne Research offers high quality magnesium supplements with the citrate form which are hypoallergenic and free of any kind of artificial fillers and also do not contain the controversial magnesium stearate. A compound to produce tablets at a higher speed but would inhibit proper absorption of the nutrients.

FACT: Magnesium deficiency among adults is unprecedented and widespread. 68% of adults consume less than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium, and 19% consume less than 50% of the RDA.

The decision to start taking a high quality magnesium supplement and / or a multivitamin with the right type of magnesium is one of the best actions you can take to improve your overall health & wellness, quality of sleep, increase energy levels, improve sports performance, reduce stress, improve mental focus and much much more.

Best dosage for magnesium: The Recommended Daily Allowance(RDA) of magnesium for young adults is around 400 mg/day for men and 310 mg/day for women. For adults over 30, the RDA is 420 mg/day for men and 320 mg/day for women.

How to define if you have a deficiency and need any of the magnesium supplements listed below on this page:

Inability to sleep or insomnia, Irritability, Sensitivity to noise, Mental disturbances, Anxiety, depression or restlessness, Muscle soreness or spasms, Infertility or PMS, High levels of stress, Headaches, Heart “flutters” or palpitations, Fatigue or unusual tiredness, Coldness in extremities, Fuzzy brain or difficulty concentrating, Allergies and sensitivities, Lack of appetite, Back pain (Aching neck & Shoulder Pain), Body odor, Bad short term memory

and the list goes on...

Poor coordination, Insulin resistance, Carbohydrate cravings, Constipation, Frequent cavities or poor dental health, Gut disorders, Kidney stones, Thyroid problems, Allergy to wool, Burning Sensation in mouth, Bed wetting, Fear/Grief, Apprehension, Gas & Wind in intestine, Inflated intestine, Nervous Heart Palpitations, Restless movements of eyes & fingers, Yellowish whites of eyes, Sensitivity to noise, Sleep with eyes half open, Winding motion of body

How to select the best supplements:

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